I use state-of-the-art technology giving me the ability to manipulate and tune your vocal tracks. There are of course many different musical approaches to tuning… some styles need ‘over tuning’ while others a more natural approach. We can discuss which, and to roughly what degree you wish this to be.

I will provide a fully tuned vocal plus (if you wish) 2 bespoke vocal reverb treatments (of course recorded on separate tracks) for your song. If I feel any sonic improvements can be made to the vocal track then I will (once again if you wish) of course  give you my suggestions.

Important notes!

Audio Files

Please provide an instrumental mix of the song as a reference file to tune the vocals to.


Tracks must have the same starting point.

Your Files

A clean track, no additional effects (reverb, delays) applied to the vocals.



Let’s talk about your project

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