Believe me when I say that I know how important your music is to you. I have been doing this professionally for over 35 years and still get a buzz from all aspects of recording and mixing, so I understand where you are coming from….
Send me your files and guide mix or Pro Tools session (Max 5.30 mins long), I will then mix a stereo WAV file to your specifications or just ‘do my thing’. If I feel any of the files need ‘outside warmth or depth’ I will re process through my external valve eq’s & compressors. You can request up to 3 revisions to enable me to get exactly the mix you need.  I am of course happy to discuss any elements of your production and advise if and where (in my humble opinion) improvements can be made.

Important notes!

Audio Files

if not a Pro Tools session then all audio files should have the same start point, the same sample frequency (44.1/48/88.2/96), the same bit depth (16/24) and be of the same format (.WAV, .AIFF). Each track should be clearly named and contain only one ‘sound’ (i.e. don’t have percussion in the verses then BVs in the chorus, I will treat these as separate tracks)


Please get the tracks as close as possible in terms of tuning and timing before sending them to me. Drum editing and vocal tuning are not part of the Online Mixing Service. If I feel that more than a few quick tweaks are required here I’ll get in touch and ask you to do this before the mix commences.

Your Files

Please send files as ‘dry’ as possible, so remove reverb, delays etc. unless they are integral to the mix. Dynamics processing (compression etc) is usually OK, I will contact you if this is not so.


+ £100

Let’s talk about your project

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