About Stevensonics

A project recording studio is not just about the equipment inside it. It is also about the ‘driver’ of that equipment, and should be in an environment where you can expand your ideas and be inspired to produce the very best performances.

Stevensonics is unlike most other studios, here you will be guided by multi million selling record producer Gary Stevenson. Gary is firmly in touch with today’s recording process but importantly also has the ‘classic’ experience of working with major 70’s, 80’s & 90’s artists and bands.

There is a spacious vocal booth with Tv feed to and from the live and control room. This gives  (if needed) vital communication between players while maintaining good sonic isolation. The control room has line of sight and Tv com to both booth and live room, plus a choice of Hue lighting or natural daylight. This is great when deciding what vibe you wish to create at any particular moment in your sessions.

The control room is air-conditioned and easily seats 6-8 people. It features ‘retro racking’ with Gary’s favourite outboard valve eq’s and pre amps plus old favourites like the circa 1973 Urei 1176 LN compressor, master room ‘Super C’ spring reverb and  Roland RE-201 Space echo. The pro-tools HD recording system also has hundreds of classic plug-ins …too many to list here.

One of the most important aspects of creativity are direction and knowing where and what to focus on at any given time. At Stevensonics you will have access to this advice, allowing you to speed up the recording process and keep your session positive and fresh.

Gary has produced an incredible array of projects: from defining the mid-80s sound of Go West to producing ABC’s The Lexicon Of Love II, the follow-up to one of the most iconic LPs ever released. Gary’s studio is a mix of the cutting edge with some classic pieces of equipment that he has retained over his four-decade career. “It’s in a barn in the grounds of the house with a great Cotswold-stone live room,” he explains. “It’s a lovely environment and a good-sized place to record drums etc. That is really important for me, as you can’t do that in a home studio. You can of course program drums, something I got heavily into during the 80 & 90’s, but for some songs there is something about the groove of a real player , the air moving and all the human elements that give real drums their own unique character.


Gary started playing guitar at the age of 13. By 16 he was playing in various bands but after being introduced to a ‘sound on sound’ tape recorder quickly found that his true passion was recording and producing music. He worked hard during what he describes as his ‘bedroom period’ mastering all aspects of this while still playing live.

In 1979 he joined ABC music in Addlestone Surrey as a guitar demonstrator. It was here that he was introduced to many established and up & coming musicians / artists. He set up an 8 track recording studio in West London where he recorded with his band Radar and various selected other artists. In 1983 Radar were signed to Atlantic records and Gary’s production career began. Also in the same year he produced a duo called Go West and the tracks caused a stir in the record business, thus Go West were signed to Chrysalis records. Atlantic encouraged Gary to produce Go West to give his own band exposure and the rest is History. Go West went on to win the best newcomers of 1985.

Gary then moved to the Isle Of Man ( 1986 – 92) where he set up The ‘Old Schoolhouse’ recording studio and continued to work with prominent artists of the time. He then returned to Blighty in 1993 to the sleepy village of Aynho in Oxfordshire and built a new studio currently known as ‘Stevensonics’.

During Gary’s career he has produced albums & soundtracks with artists including Rick Astley, ABC, Go West, Tony Hadley, Bros, Jane Mcdonald etc… including a USA Billboard No1 single ‘Angel’ with ‘The Jones Gang’.